A Brilliant Hope

My Vision:

Welcome to my blog! I have named it “a brilliant hope” because the more I live life the more I see how important hope is. It helps us get out of bed in the morning, and gives us strength to take that next step.

When life is easy, hope is a flowing vision that brings life. When life is hard, hope is the light in the distance that keeps us from laying down and quitting. We all desperately need hope.

My hope is Jesus. He is brilliant hope. He brings light where there was darkness. He makes all things new. He is Healer. He is Life. He is making me new. He is my destination.

In this blog we will talk about many things. My desire is that in it all you see hope. That you share hope. That this becomes a community of people, sharing hope and running together to bring this hope to all.

About Me:

I am mama of four beautiful babies. Wife to one fabulous Canadian. Sorting through life via writing and you are welcome to sort with me. I am loved greatly by Jesus and loving Him back in childlike steps. Learning of a good good God, His goodness is more than I ever imagined. I am an appreciator of this complex creation we get to enjoy, and the unique time we live in. I long to see His Kingdom advance here and feel in awe that we can be a part of it. Also. Coffee. I love/savor/consume coffee of all kinds. With lots of half and half.



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