Book Review – “Outrageous Courage”

I love books. My dream is to have a library someday complete with ladders. My husband also loves to read but isn’t attached to the idea of a book – he likes having books on his phone – and NOT having a lot of books. When we first got married he looked with dismay at the boxes upon boxes of books that I happily staggered through the door with. I had to stagger through the door into the garage with them because our little apartment had no “library” and certainly not any bookcase large enough to hold my treasure trove of books. They sat in boxes for a few years until we were able to move into a house. Then we were given a beauty of a bookcase which we moved into a room we affectionately call “the study” (a small uninsulated room off the garage). My books now have a perfect home and I love being able to locate them easily. (going through boxes in the garage was not very awesome)

Happy little books.
Happy little books.

Also notable was the first vacation we went on. Troy picked up my backpack and was shocked by the weight. Things came clear later when I unpacked my Bible, my journal, a devotional book (or 3), a work of fiction (or 2) and perhaps a resource book or 4. I like having options you know? It shouldn’t have been surprising this year then when I unwrapped a Kindle Paperwhite. Though I love my books I have loved my Kindle. Perhaps the greatest feature I have enjoyed is that it keeps a list of everything that I highlight. I can go back and reread everything i loved about any book.

Love my kindle.
Love my Kindle.


One of my first great reads on my Kindle was a book called “Outrageous Courage” by Kris and Jason Vallotton, published by Chosen Books. I was presented with an opportunity to review it for free and jumped at the chance because 1) I LOVE biographies 2) This book is about a person who is still alive 3) I’m passionate about missions and interested in anyone who is doing them sustainably.

This book was a home run. I was inspired, humbled, encouraged and absolutely floored by the love for Jesus that unfolds in the pages. It’s about a woman named Tracy Evans, though admittedly its not written to glorify her life. It has made me want to spend more time with my Jesus, to hear His voice clearer and obey Him no matter the cost. Tracy’s life isn’t perfect, nor did she come from a model family. Her story of grace and of Jesus constantly healing and making all things new is so strengthening and hopeful. Her pursuit of His Kingdom has led her through the slums of LA, Smoky Mountain (a giant garbage dump) outside of Manilla in the Philippines, and currently to Africa where she feeds babies and pours out her life for the broken.

Hands down you should read this book. If you are breathing and can read you should get this book. It goes on my list of top life changing biographies. You can check it out it here.

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