Extreme Commitment Update

It’s been a month since I embarked on Professor Horner’s Bible reading plan and I am reporting back as promised. (original post) In a perfect world I would be telling you that I hadn’t missed a day of reading my 10 chapters and that I had found that amount of reading to be inadequate and had bumped it to 20 chapters a day. But that would not be true. What is true is that I missed more than a few days.

However. I have loved this adventure for a few reasons. The first reason I have loved it is the variety of scripture. Reading in 10 different areas is exciting because you never get bogged down. In other systems I have tried I have struggled to keep up in some of the harder portions of scripture. In Professor Horner’s system I feel like it’s easier to keep momentum going through those areas.

The second reason I love this system is because you are reading so much and in so many different places that you start to see scripture interpreting scripture. It’s extraordinarily beautiful.

Trying this has knocked a little perfectionism out of me. Because my commitment was word saturation it helped me keep going even when I didn’t complete a days reading or missed it entirely.

My conclusion? I will carry on. I will probably continue to miss some days, but I am committed to finishing the Bible with this system. Besides, my Bible has 10 very colorful cool tab markers in it that I really like.


One thought on “Extreme Commitment Update

  1. Sarah Sue Your bible has 10 colorful tabs but everywhere you go you bring a colorful heart of love like a rainbow…its endless

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