Extreme commitment

Troy and I got a two-for-one coupon to Pick up Stix and packed up the babies for a post Easter Monday lunch date yesterday. Over rice and chicken I excitedly explained to him my latest great idea.

Ever heard of Professor Horner’s Bible reading plan? It’s a system of reading the Bible where you read 10 chapters a day, in ten different areas of the Bible. Cool right?  You read through the Bible in 8 months!

As I talked I could see Troy’s eyes glaze over. And then came my husband’s feet-planted-on-the-ground wisdom. “Are you really going to do this? Do you have time? What if you get behind? Is this really the season to undertake this?” and finally “you really like extreme commitments don’t you?…”

uhmmm… yes. I do. For some reason I REALLY like seeing something huge and looking it in the face and saying yes. This isn’t always a great quality because it can lead to unfinished projects and biting off more than I can chew. I have found though, if you have people to walk with, people to tackle things with, its amazing what you can accomplish. Running a marathon, spending time in Afghanistan, these are things I did while partnering with some amazing people.

As I talked this latest idea through with Troy we decided to give this system 30 days – and that we would both do it. We will reevaluate on May 10th and see if it’s working.

Here’s how it works. This morning I read Matthew 1, Genesis 1, Romans 1, 1 Thessalonians 1, Job 1, Psalm 1, Proverbs 1, Joshua 1, Isaiah 1, and Acts 1. All of these books are the first books on ten different lists. Tomorrow I will read the 2nd chapter of each of those books and so on. If I follow this, in one year I will have read through the Gospels four times, the Pentateuch twice, Paul’s letters 4-5 times, OT wisdom literature 6 times, the Psalms twice, Proverbs and Acts twelve times and OT History and the Prophetic books about 1 1/2 times.

Here is what I am aiming for: Word saturation. I need so much to have God’s word pouring over my life. I want it imprinted on my heart and coming out of my mouth over my children. I am especially excited about this system because of the broad covering of scripture you get on a daily basis.

To answer Troy’s questions.  

“Am I really going to do this?” Yes. At least for 30 days. He talked me down from vowing to do it for the rest of my life.

“Do I have time?” Yes. I believe I do. This morning it took me about 40 minutes total to finish my reading. Honestly, a little less facebook, a little less tv and a little more commitment: voila. What better way to spend my time?

“What if I get behind?” I’m keeping my goal at Word saturation. Even if I read two or three chapters a day that’s a win. If I miss a day I won’t play catch up, I will just continue the next day.

“Is this really the season for this?” Yes. If ever I needed God’s Word it’s as I learn to parent these precious little people that are my children. Now is the time.

One of the problems I have had in the past with a Bible reading system is that quiet times can get  to feel like a chore that I need to cross off my list instead of a living relationship with Jesus. As I undertake these 30 days I want to make it a priority to not just read, but to listen to what He is saying.

A few things people have recommended that use this plan:

  • Use one Bible, an actual hard copy. You will get to know your Bible inside and out
  • Read quickly not stopping to look up cross references etc.

So I’m off. If you want to join us do! Or if you have a system you have found that works for you, leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. We can't run together right now or pop over for coffee dates but I'll do this with you for 30 days!!! Where do I get the schedule?

  2. Yay!!! Sorry I didn't originally didn't make the link very obvious. It should stand out more now. So excited for this journey we are on and that you are doing this too!!

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