Hope in the moments

Vacation is happening at the beach. How glorious it is! I am so thankful for this time with my precious little family.

Judah is such a little chunk of deliciousness, and Ellie daily makes us laugh with the things she says. She persistently calls the elevator the “alligator” and everyday we ride the alligator down to the beach.

Clearly waking up at the beach is the best!



Sunset light


Sunset from our deck


Early morning


Reading books with Poppa
Love these boys


Sunset is an event worth pausing for here


Preparing for the beach


Sweet boy


Doing puzzles

I find myself trying to freeze moments here, never wanting to forget. Never wanting to lose “right here right now” and yet the moments go by.

I think this desire to capture moments stems from my own loss. I can remember one night not long before my mom passed away she went to bed early and hurting. I crawled in bed with her and gently rubbed her back sensing that my time with her was short. I remember desperately wanting time to stop. Never wanting to lose her soft presence, never wanting her quiet breathing to stop. Yet the same time that marched on and brought a death that I desperately didn’t want,  has also brought gentle healing. Time brings a buffer between the sharpness of grief and the raw heart.

Now as I watch my babies play, shrieks of joy, cackles of laughter, unaware of loss, I find myself wanting the moments to never stop. Never wanting them to experience grief or sadness. Yet I know almighty God holds them tight, makes a way through, will bring victory in all their losses. Oh I have hope! As I journey this road I purpose to teach these sweet ones to not fear the future, to not fear the moments but to live in them fully savoring them.

Hope in the moments. This means thanking God for the moments I have and believing Jesus for His mighty power to be seen in my future. God of the impossible. God of hope.

 Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. 2 Corinthians 2:14 NKJ




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  1. Thank you precious friend for sharing from the depth of your heart. My soul is so touched by your words along side these amazing photos of your precious little ones. Love you!!

  2. Oh Sarah my eyes are filled with tears of joy,you are such a woman of honor…..I love that so much about you……Thank you for sharing your feelings with us,somehow it comforts this weary heart today……

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